Prince of Goreyeo drinking coffee

Here are some possible events that may (or may not) happen in the next few episodes of our favorite Korean Drama, Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo.

#GirlsGeneration singer #SeoHyun says goodbye to her #ScarletHeartRyeo family with adorable selfie :(

Seohyun shares sweet Scarlet Heart: Ryeo memories through selfies with co-stars

"Scarlet Heart: Ryeo" Seohyun, Soo-hee, So-hee, Yeon Deok-hee @ HanCinema :: The Korean Movie and Drama Database

イ・ジュンギ ワールド

I need a big poster of Lee Jun-ki in my room. I'll wake up smiling like an idiot every morning. Which is of course. the best way to start off any day.

Lee Joongi

'Scarlet Heart: Ryeo' shares heart-stopping pictures of Lee Jun Ki