Use a longer shelf/pipe, attach hooks to hang chairs, etc from pipe? Stack baskets on top

Miles de frases y estados originales de Logratis o de autores famosos sobre temas muy variados...también tenemos chistes horóscopos y mucho más

3 Tier rope shelf. The shelves measures 24 × 8 The shelves are approximately 10 between each. They can be painted in your color choice. 2 6 Boat cleats with screws are included for mounting. Painted to match the shelves. We don try to cover up any knots or imperfections in the wood itself as we feel this adds to the charm and uniqueness of the individual piece. The finished product will vary slightly from piece to piece.

3 niveles estante/Cuerda Cuerda náutica Estante/Náutica Estante/Náutica Viveros/SW


Esta seleccion de estanterias que puedes hacer tu mismo para tu hogar te va a encantar. Faciles y bonitas, no se les puede pedir mas.