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The moustache tho XD

Team Voltron by Kuronishii on DeviantArt Get that mustache off Lance!

Heaven/Hell (KLANCE WEEK) by KT-ExReplica

Heaven/Hell (KLANCE WEEK) by KT-ExReplica>>>boyfriend cuddles are exactly what lance needs to get through the week

If this is a fic someone plz hmu with a title << let me catch my breath by smiles4voltron

let me catch my breath also who is that blue haired girl

Headcanon about naive Lance’s childhood, where Lotor mocked him and about Allura which much cares about the brother. 1 | 2 | 3

"voltron; legendary defender"

Headcanon about naive Lance’s childhood, where Lotor mocked him and about Allura which cares about the brother.

This scene absolutely destroyed me, because I had seen the trailers with her and Matt fighting, but I didn’t realize that that’s all they could have been. Or like dreams with her. And the fact that the episode was only halfway over just set me off, I was crying

I hated this scene. I was screaming at the TV.

wasn’t there a thing about Pidge being a hoarder hahah

The fluffy aliens have altean markings which makes me think if they are actual alteans

VLD fanart - team Voltron, space family photo

(When all you want is a nice family photo, but the kids are misbehaving) I literally drew this at last night, and this morning was pleasantly surprised that this wasn’t awful!

#lancemcclain, #voltron, #keithkogane, #klance

Get your meme on!

I bet that Keith tried to apologise afterwards but Lance is so embarrassed that he just hides in his room, until Hunk comes and drags him out and shoves him onto Keith

Taifuu No Allura by SolKorra

How To Attract Men In Bed

Crossover for fun with the short animated movie "Taifuu no Noruda" I watched it in the night, not was a so amazing short, and the story was so so great,. Taifuu No Allura

Is someone made me a water tribe necklace to propose or ask me out it would be an automatic yes

Haggar's transformation | S3 ep7 spoilers

How To Lure Him In

Honerva, a tragic backstory but I liked the twist of her being the one "obssesed "

Voltron: Legendary Defender *Keith*

come here my little space child *falils arms in attempt to hug*