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Writing World - nicktoonsunite: shiro stuffs

Keith , Voltron , sketch(not my art)

artist: lowahart *Voltron: Legendary Defender*

artist: lowahart *Voltron: Legendary Defender*<<there's more but this will lead to the rest

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Well, I know what I'm gonna spend the school day doing.

>>>>My 7 year old brother says this drawing rules the world and I agree

i loaf her

klance | Tumblr. I so want to learn how to draw like that.

Love his sass and design; Keith is probably my favorite paladin

Can’t believe it took me so long to draw Shiro (even if it’s just a sketch). Another fav space dad :>

lorna-ka: "Can’t believe it took me so long to draw Shiro (even if it’s just a sketch). Another fav space dad :>"

VLD fanart - Shirogane Takeshi

I'm a 24 yr old chick former freelance storyboard artist at DreamWorks that sure loves to draw (generally) misunderstood giants and monsters, but most of all STORIES~~ You may know me on deviantart.

artist: lowahart *Voltron: Legendary Defender*

Army AU voltron is definitely my favorite. And the artist is amazing.


shiro is the perfect space dad

Shiro, debes cuidar su inocencia

This was one of the first comics I saw before I watched voltron and I was ? That's not important *one month later* help I've been sucked into Voltron hell

I really like Shiro. I really like backs. It just seemed to make sense??? *fans self*

Картинки по запросу voltron legendary defender pidge x shiro

Shiro>>>>OMG this Shiro fan art is beautiful

Shiiit this eyeliner

any one else see vrepit sale? lol

Voltron Ships Text — hoshikage: Now we know where he disappeared .

Ross Lynch summed our feelings up perfectly.

Voltron Evolution by AdrenalineRush1996.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

evolution of voltron pilots <<i don't know what looks more gross, the cgi one or the 2011 one