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Como não amar esse anjo!!!! Às vezes penso que ele não é real de tão perfeito!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤ I Love You, Lee Taemin

Taemin - 「Nikkei Entertainment」September issue (scan by SuperNoona - do not edit)


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+ People often listen to respond when the only response needed sometimes is silence and an open heart

Lee Taemin 이태민 || SHINee || 1993 || 178cm || Main Dancer || Vocal || Maknae

Esse menino sabe como me matar do coração ❤❤❤ Lee Taemin

aera 2016 shinee - Google 搜索

Taemin - 'Press It' Full Album Teasers (definitely a TEASEr haha see what I did there, I'm also incredibly tired save me)