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Snk funny

Attack On titan comp. name champane ID "diria' . beautifules Attack on Titan


armin attack on titan funny - should have been "armout" xD *savage, Armin. Really savage*

"Oh heavens!"

Wonder what Levi was like when he was a child. Wonder why it's the wings of freedom. Also, why do the titans eat them they don't need to. How did the titans even come to be.

U go levi XD haha this is from the lion king(Erwin's face in the first pic is like...omg do it)

Lion King and Attack on Titan Crossover < This is amazing XD

Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan | Funny | Hanji Zoe | Levi Ackerman

drinkyourfuckingmilk: “ hange’s like “dear diary, today was a gold star day; I broke levi for the eleventh time” i think levi wanted to laugh but he hasn’t in so long that his brain just shut down ”

tumblr_o7c4gkUHOW1ug0at9o1_1280.jpg (500×944)

Attack on Titan ~~ Demeaning one of your oldest friends, Jaeger? :: Eren and Armin XD

Oh this crossover is blessed

Hahaha xD Attack on Titan & Suit Life of Zack & Cody crossover/reference

This joke is already dead, just let it rest...

I feel like someone should do that for cosplay There& the perfect amount Bert as the robot Reiner as the shape shifter (or other way around) Annie and Yimir as the other two girls some one please make this happen

ABSOLUTELY BURSTING by PrussiasAwesomeSis on @DeviantArt

By PrussiasAwesomeSis on DeviantArt (Levi) (me on a daily basis)