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This tutorial by Les Chylinski from Creative Media Illustration Inc. will guide you through the steps of an awesome digital hybrid watercolor rendering technique in Adobe Photoshop. In this step by step presentation the author will show his digital painting process over a scanned pencil drawing.

Advanced Digital Watercolor Rendering Technique in Photoshop

Digital Hybrid Watercolor Rendering Technique in Adobe Photoshop - digital painting over a scanned pencil drawing.

Manifesto: the new American dwelling

Oak Park architect Tom Bassett-Dilley and builder Brandon Weiss of Geneva's Evolutionary Home Builders have combined forces again to build a passive house in the near western suburbs. What is a passive house?

Karuna Passive House construction by home builder Hammer & Hand

Karuna House's über-efficient mechanical systems guarantee superior comfort and air quality. View details and learn more from Hammer & Hand.


Anatomy of a Super-Insulated Passive House Wall Assembly

Tom Bassett-Dilley Architect  Interior of Passive House in River Forest

drop ceiling effect for indirect lighting Tom Bassett-Dilley Architect: Interior, Passive House in River Forest

"Four Thick Walls" design study

"Four Thick Walls" design study