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Lemon Peel

7 Tips to Make Your Eyelashes Thicker and Longer

Lemon Peel Cut a piece of the lemon peel and put it inside of the olive oil or castor oil. Wait days, and then apply lemon-infused oil to the eyelids.

DIY Peel Off Mask | Pore-Cleansing Blackhead Mask | Gelatin Peel Off Mask | DIY Pore Strips | DIY Biore Strips

DIY Peel-Off Mask - Pore-Cleansing, Blackhead Busting Face Mask

DIY Peel-Off Mask - Pore-Cleansing, Blackhead Busting Face Mask-This DIY peel-off mask will cleanse your pores, purify your skin and even bust those pesky blackheads to reveal a smooth, glowing complexion.

Whip two egg whites with the juice of half a lemon till the two ingredients are completely blended. Apply this pack on the skin and leave for 10-15 minutes. Repeat this remedy continuously for a month to help shrink pores and tighten the skin.

2 egg whites & half a lemon, leave on for mins every day for shrinking pores. Everyday for a month for best results.

Look your best without make-up

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How To Look Good Without Makeup. Solid tinted moisturizer with SPF. Vitamin C: Hot cup of lemon water. Dont touch your face.


It doesn't taste so good ladies, but it works. 4 oz of water 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar 2 pinches of cayenne pepper A squeeze of lemon juice DETOX AND GET RID OF STOMACH FAT-A little stevia makes it go down easier.

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Castor Oil for Hair Growth

Say Goodbye to Hair Loss - Restore the Health of Your Hair With This Remedy - Indiscreet Beauty.

6 Best DIY Homemade Face Masks for Acne

Homemade Face Masks for Acne

6 Best DIY Homemade Face Masks for Acne