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Camp Halfblood.... the gods' symbols... its a moving picture so you have to click on the pic or the image button to get it to move.. I'll see if I can upload a stand still pic later

That is so awesome.<<<oh man Iris cabin is right next to Hades cabin. i wonder what they do

Percy Jackson for me was a friend, and a hero.  He was never just a fictional character as one says he is. These characters were my friends when I didn't have any.  They were there for me through what ever problems were happening to me. Camp half blood was an escape from my life. I would just read these books and be able to go on adventures and feel happy. The books made me cry, laugh, and angry. But most of all Rick Riordan introduced me to the magic that is reading. Thank you Uncle Rick.

I will never forget.^^^this is beautiful :')<<<< and now I'm crying<<<<correction, sobbing, I am sobbing<< Yes I am too guys.*sigh* it's okay.

A brilliant headcanon for those cuties :)<<<<I want to watch Hercules's with those two

And then suddenly going silent when he sees Hades playing Mythomagic, and refuses to tell Will what the deal is. Percy tells Will. Percy needs to be protected by the Seven from Nico for the next two weeks.<--- I love this comment btw poor Percy xD

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Those movies were an insult to the fandom. They were alright as movies, I guess. But there couldn't have been a worse representation of Percy Jackson.

Omg!!! Funny!

Leo Valdez is Captain Jack Sparrow. // hmm, Percy can be Will Turner, Elizabeth Swann can be Annabeth, and Frank would be that guy with the parrot. Hazel is the guy with the parrot. Frank IS the parrot.