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Isn't it a great idea?

Open when: you're upset/worried - stick little tiny notes rolled up into a balloon with the 'let it go' card, tell to blow up & then pop it.

I Love You More Than.....This would be a cute Valentine to give your loved one.  Make it cute silly and sweet.

Things I Love

Open when you need a pep talk.  This envelop has some quote pictures that remind him how wonderful of a person he is and to keep his chin up because I believe in him.

Open when we have a fight This letter included a letter and some fun pictures. I also included in the letter some things we should do so we can communicate effectively.

'open when' letters for boyfriend (open when you're having a bad day)

My ‘Open When…’ Letters

I have previously done a post giving ideas for 'open when' letters (see here), and now I've finally made my own! This was another handmade gift for my boyfriend, as it seemed a nice lasting present.