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the twins

Wanda and Pietro Maximoff deleted scene

marveloussteve: “What I want to see in Infinity War: ”

marveloussteve: “What I want to see in Infinity War: ” It could happen she is like super crazy insane powerful

Another deleted scene I assume... whhhhyyy

lincoln-campbells: “ The Avengers: Age Of Ultron deleted scene.

Wait where is this from? Please comment if you know

Wanda and Pietro Maximoff deleted scene

Wanda Maximoff in Infinity War ”

She probably sees that THANOS kills vision in that part () he and Wanda had a perfect life before Thanos just walked in and squeezes their happiness

Please comment what this is from! Is it AOU?

Adorable interactions between the Maximoff twins.

Actually, it was more like "you didn't see that coming?" Five minutes into the movie

I was crushed when he sacrificed himself for Hawkeye and that kid

Why would you do this to me?!?!

12 minutes after Pietro died

Marvel, elizabeth olsen and age of ultron GIF on We Heart It

Look at Pietro all ready to kill peoples for his sissy what a sweety

Elizabeth Olsen and Aaron Taylor-Johnson xD

What I wanna do to my classmates when I told them to go to field for ceremony but they still sit on their chairs.

peterparker: “ pietro maximoff appreciation post requested by anonymous ”

Marvel they gave him highlights

Found on

Marvel they gave him highlights

I mean she has trained with and fought the Winter Soldier before

Natasha Romanoff, the hottest, smartest, deadliest assassin.

Black Widow | Peggy Carter | Scarlet Witch

Black Widow, Peggy Carter and Scarlet Witch

Fuck yeah the Scarlet Witch!

Hell yeah the Scarlet Witch!