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Gou Shou (Taiji Quan)
10. Seeking stillness within movement. – Dong Zhong Qiu Jing -  動中求靜 In external martial arts, power is generated by jumping, punching and kicking as hard as possible. Hence after prolonged practice, one is panting for breath and the blood vessels are enlarged. By contrast Taiji Quan emphasizes stillness over movement. Even though in motion, the form appears tranquil. Therefore when practicing, the slower the better, with long deep breathing, to allow the qi to sink to the Dan tian
Qigong: visualizing the creation of an energy ball and bringing into your dantien, or abdomen
Happiness Journal Oct 7. So I had actually started this a while ago, but I've been practicing Taichi via youtube and i think its wonderful. I like doing it with yoga.
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