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Zelo "Feel So Good"

Imagen de feel so good, maknae, and b.a.p

I want his hair to look like this! c: ju

“click through for full size; please credit jalmotaesseo-scans if editing! Do not post to weheartit!

Naver Starcast #BAP

“[Naver/Starcast] B.A.P for Japan Awake! In Osaka - Jongup, Youngjae, Zelo and Himchan”


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Let's take a moment and realize that JongUp is az the bottom and he's usint only one hand? BTW did anyone else realize that they're almost in birth order?

I am impressed when Jongup was using one hand to support and one hand to make a v sign. Oh look, their ages are in almost the same order!

(it's B.A.P!)

(it's B.A.P!)

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B.A.P - Zelo

B.A.P - Zelo