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Top o& the world, ma, top o& the world: The snail sits happily on the amphibian& head.

Write about someone trapped in another form and how they must find their way back to being human

In life.you have to kiss alot of frogs before you find a prince ❥ frog prince

red-eyed tree frog

The colorful colors in God's palate Red-eyed Tree Frog, photographed by Artur Celes

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Five green and speckled frogs. "Image detail for -WHEN Melanie Osborne spotted these five frogs peering out from a rainwater pipe during a torchlit tour of her Cairns back yard, she rushed to grab the camera.

frog + skink

frog + skink

I'm Mad At You - Folded Arm Frog ---- hilarious jokes funny pictures walmart fails meme humor


The boys found limited seats available for the Toadies concert, but they all had a really good time.

STILL HERE... And laughing at YOU! Zippity do-da...                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Pictures of the day: 7 May 2014

magicalnaturetour: Kermit the frog shoots a wide beamed grin as its bulbous bloodshot eyes stare into the camera in West Sussex.

My My What Do I See? . . . 5 Frogs Up in a Tree!

My My What Do I See? . . . 5 Frogs Up in a Tree!

Frog | Photography by TantoYensen-Jakarta (@yensen_tan) #WildAnimalPhotos by wildanimalphotos #familyphotography

Frog | Photography by TantoYensen-Jakarta (@yensen_tan) #WildAnimalPhotos by wildanimalphotos #familyphotography

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photographer captures world's tiniest rodeo: frog riding beetle. oh. my new favorite photo series.