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Attack of the OTAKU'S!!: Angel beats REVIEW. Check out the blog!

Recap: Angel Beats takes place at an after-life high school for those who have died, where students learn to give .

Angel Beats VN on the way!! Will expand on the original series ...

Angel Beats VN on the way! Will expand on the original series!

Matsushita,Yui,Hinata Hideki,Takamatsu (Muscle boy)

Matsushita,Yui,Hinata Hideki,Takamatsu (Muscle boy)

Short Review: I had tried this on two occasions. The first time I did, I was confused. Very confused indeed. A friend had mentioned it and I was like hell, I wanna see that. Though the first few mi…

Angel Beats Review

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Trust me Durarara - Angel beats! Kanade, Iwasawa, Shiina, and Hisako.