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Fulani, Africa

Fulani - There are 27 million of them in Africa but they& a minority because they& nomadic.They& a beautiful people but they don& all look alike.Predominantly Muslim.

Africa | Wodaabe man participating in the Yaake dance during the Gerewol festival. Ingal, Agadez, Niger | © Marta Cometti

Wodaabe man participating in the Yaake dance during the Gerewol Festival In Ingal, Agadez, Niger by Marta Cometti

African People, Madagascar Girl, Madagascar Africa, Africa Sakalava, Madagascar People, Girl Madagascar

A young Sakalava woman, with her beauty mask, Nosy Komba, Africa by Pierre-Yves Babelon

A Mentawai woman with sharpened teeth. The Mentawai are an ethnic group indigenous to the Mentawai islands - a chain of islands in the western part of Indonesia. The women sharpen their teeth with a chisel for aesthetic reasons. Reportedly they do so with their teeth in order to mimic those of a shark

zubat: “A Mentawai woman in Siberut Island, Sumatra, Indonesia with sharpened teeth. Mentawai women sharpen their teeth for aesthetic reasons to make their teeth look similar to a sharks, a practice.

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Escarificaciones africanas

La beauté insolite des tribus d’Afrique - Auparavant, on estimait que le collier aidait à protéger la femme des prédateurs, qui sont nombreux dans la jungle locale. Sur la photo: une habitante d’Afrique du Sud de la tribu Khos.

South Africa / Zimbabwe: Portrait of an Ndebele Woman. The Ndebele people are located in and