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She left being a Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader to serve her Country as a US Army Officer! What real women will do \ ps is it me or is she hotter in uniform then a cheerleader outfit

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Weapon Outfitters barrels are built for durability and accuracy. Made from match grade, nitrided/hardened machine gun grade steel with polygonal rifling, these barrels are a perfect pick for a RECCE or direct action barrel. Capable of immense accura

Indeed !!! This goes for anyone in bad situations. God Bless American soldiers!

Indeed ! This goes for anyone in bad situations. God Bless Our American Warriors !

Thank you

The MSM control the stories that they promote. If it benefits the liberal agenda, they use it. They are disgusting and the blame for the state of our country lies at their feet.

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To All Liberals, Go Fuck Yourselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Popular Military Commenters, who are largely active duty military or veterans, responded to the ISIS video perfectly, in meme form:


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