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Karnak Temple Complex, Egypt

17 Top Tourism Destinations You Must Visit in Africa

The beautiful Karnak Temple Complex is the second largest ancient religious site in the world

Egypt, Egypt mamamarch

Great Pyramid of Giza and The Nile ~ Egypt. I'd love to see the pyramids one day! And ride a camel!

Pyramids. #JetsetterCurator

Pyramids: After climbing Kili and a 2 week safari in Kenya and Tanzania, I popped in on Cairo seeing as I was in the neighborhood. Rode a camel to and from the pyramids.

James Henry Breasted, the founder of egyptology in the USA

Frances Hart Breasted (right), her husband archaeologist James Henry Breasted (center), and their son Charles at Abu Simbel in Egypt,

Sakura (Kiraz Ağacı) <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Another bucket list item. To visit the Cherry Blossom festival in Tokyo. My assistant in Tokyo is teaching me some japanese.which has made me want to go even more!

Burgundy Street, Madrid, Spain!

Burgundy Street, Madrid, Spain photo by rachbourne . look at that rich color of pink on those trees! so pretty!

australian pics | ... got the Australian colours and a kangaroo and the sourthern cross

Happy Australia Day!

Portofino, Italy

The most beautiful place in italy. The most beautiful place in italy. The most beautiful place in italy to visit.

Blue Grotto, Malta

sea cave, Malta - Sea caves or the Blue Grotto are located on the island of Filfla in Malta. These caves are popular for their beauty and their location when combined with the sunrise, leads to beautiful shades of blue in the water.