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Back to the Minions (Future) are set to arrive October Share if you get it.

Groot is Amazed

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Woman Gif & Animação Digital - Comunidade - Google+

Dancing Baby Groot Screenshot Guardians of the Galaxy Movie

Dancing Groot (*Explosions in the background*)

Dancing Groot (*Explosions in the background*) Basically me everyday, all I need is my tunes and I'm usually good 😊

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animation GIF - ballet dancer light bulb - For more beautiful images and interesting posts, checkout DesignStack.

Baby Groot vs. Baby Dinos

Baby Dinos - This is what happens when Peter teaches Groot how to fight.

Dancing Baby Groot! Let The First GIF Party Of 2015... Commence!

Let The First GIF Party Of 2015... Commence!

-- For Everyone Who Has An Intense Emotional Connection With Groot. groot is the best superhero

Super hero family time -- this... This... I love this... This is precious and I may now be emotionally unstable LOL

Super hero family time

Super hero family time -- this. This is precious, then it broke my heart seeing Peter Parker without his Uncle Ben.

Marvel superheros when they were younger ;) LOL at Jarvis...

Marvel and DC comics superheroes youngers/ ♡♥Jarvis (Iron Man brain mastermind)