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Pastel by chaoticshero.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

loverofpiggies: jackillynn: soulofrainbows: chaotichero: I’m feeling stressed out with all of the essays I have to write for my classes so I drew (a pastel) Sans to cheer me up ( ;

Undertale - Genocide Pacifist Epilogue by mapleck on DeviantArt

So someone had to go and ruin a perfectly normal monster-girl on monster-girl makeout sesh. Aint havin none of that, are we? This was supposed to be a short thing and it ended up being a long thing.

San x Frisk by tctctipfy on DeviantArt

Yeah I put almot more work into this one took me like 3 hours I wanted to make it look pretty and stuff,this is like the first undertale comic thing I made in my drawing book it's not that good but.

Love Like You by DoYouLikeKetchup.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

the song is from steven universe i'm not quite sold on the last panel but i'm a bit too tired to draw a new one i . Love Like You

you can hear papyrus screaming sans name in the second picture XD-undertale

you can hear papyrus screaming sans name in the second picture XD-undertale >>> I wanna know how tf I found this while looking up dirkjake

The most determined of all by HezuNeutral on DeviantArt

I can't get over my Sans feels my precious son must be protected at all costs I need to get this game soon and figure out more secretsssss I. The most determined of all

Sans and Frisk - comic<<< Yo Sans I agree with that and all but like.....you people give Chara and Frisk way too much credit. In a twisted sense, they are just puppets that players express themselves through. It's the player that genocides it or goes the pacifist route. Not Chara or Frisk.

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Sans and Frisk - ohhhhh this is heartwrenching, if i ever play this game i wont replay it T^T

kJCaVXO.png (600×2580)

Frisk labels the stereotypical characters, Sans Papyrus Toriel Undyne Mettaton Alphys Asgore