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The idea of how barren women can conceive if God opens their womb upon their request/asking extends the concept of how we're partners with God in creation as we give birth to life.

Behind window hand

Defensive hands “There is a shipwreck between your ribs. You are a box with fragile written on it, and so many people have not handled you with care.” Shinji Moon, What It Took To Understand (Ph.

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"In the beginning, there was Darkness and there was Light. Since then, they have been struggling with the choice of whether to destroy one another or to reach for each other." The Gray Children

{open: Jessica} The girl sat on her bed, opening the box. It was a new pair of gloves, but they were a bit..different.. two fingers were missing, she guessed it was just the design. She looked for the sender but could find nothing. She took off her old gloves and picked up the new ones, putting them on, when someone walked into the room

Looks like an archery glove <<< yeah but an archery glove goes on your thumb, fore, and middle fingers

Photography by Charlotte Wales for Riot of Perfume S/S Fashion editor: Clare Byrne Hair stylist: Shingo Shibata Makeup artist: Georgi Sandev Set designer: Lauren Nikrooz

hand modeling Essie apricot cuticle oil review. fashion blog by thebackwardsowl

hand modeling Essie apricot cuticle oil review. fashion blog by thebackwardsowl

نزدیکم نیا... حس میکنم زندگیم به تو حساس شده ینی دقیقا وقتی میای تو زندگیم دقیقا وقتی که من منتظره اتفاقای خوب تو زندگیمم دقیقا وقتی منتظرم خنده چمدانش را روی تخت مان باز کند... تو عاشق دیگری میشوی! #کیوان_میرشاهی

He hands were perfect, but as soon as she pricked her finger it bleed. She had no clue what brought her to do it, but she felt relief.

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