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To those that are fertile from those that are fighting infertility. If we open up enough to tell you we're fighting this, please ask us questions about our issues before offering advice. Or just say "I wish you luck.

With Passion and so, with no regrets….  ;) <3…

"Don't let people make you feel bad or guilty about living your life. It is Your Life Live it the way You want.

Feelings just are. but can be overwhelming some night's. I need to remember this. I'm tired of being sorry. There's no reason for me to be sorry anymore for how I feel!

Always make sure the people you love (friends, family, significant others-whoever they may be) know it. One day, you'll regret not just saying, "I love you!" One day you may regret saying I don't love you.

And it's great to see the scorned looks on their faces when you do :-)

Smile, it irritates those who wish to destroy you life quotes quotes quote smile life inspirational motivational life lessons teen haters

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"I miss you. Not in some cheesy, let's hold hands and be together forever way. I just miss you. Plain and simple. I miss your presence in my life. I miss you always being there for me. I miss my best friend." It's sad because it's true.

Fibromyalgia In my case a nightgown because I can't handle the elastic on my skin!!! Too painful!

Embrace messy hair and sweatpants. That's all I live for.well what I live like - sweats and messy hair

Wednesday Words. ✌️

Wednesday Words. ✌️

No you just keep making the mistake of thinking your much more attractive, sexy,and physically and mentally appealing than you actually are., might wanna have an honest conversation with that mirror when ur standing in front of it when you get out of the tub those are the real standards you have to offer and work with

Well said. apparently i'm gonna have to lower my shirt, self esteem, self respect and morals to get a guy these days. Clearly i'm better off single

My mom always said people mistake kindness for weakness.... very wise woman...

Don’t Ever Mistake My Silence for Ignorance; don't mistake my calmness for acceptance. And most of all, don't mistake my kindness for weakness.



nancythecoffeelover:    This . Is . Amazing.

Today I want you to ask yourself this one question. "Why not you?" why not you to do something for work that you love? why not you to have a healthy body? why not you to have healthy love? why not you to be, have, or do anything you have ever dreamed?

What's good for the goose, right?

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