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#wattpad #de-todo Facts y datos sobre los miembros de The Shield.  Todo relacionado con ellos cosas que quizá no sepas o otras que quizá si.  SIERRA. HOTEL. INDIA. ECHO. LIMA. DELTA.  SHIELD!  BELIEVE IN THE SHIELD!    Portada hecha por mi.  30-5-16 / 28-7-16.

The shield Facts (Completo) - Fact #86

Read Fact from the story The shield Facts (Completo) by albaambrosegirl (⭐AmBrOlLeIgNs⭐) with 591 reads. Dean no se ve a si mi.

Evolution of a Champion! ;)

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Jon Moxley cutter [Gif]

an RKO outta nowhere? It is a RKO outta no where; with no Randy Orton! --- it's technically not an RKO, not at that point

Dean Ambrose

RAW 14/05/12: WWE does everything for Dean Ambrose not to get Batista -OR- Somehow Adam Rose and his Exotic Express grows on me due to JBL being disgusted about them