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Cole's costume design by joshuad17.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

I'll be drawing Lloyd next, then Jay. Since Jay and Cole have pretty much the same costume, I have to do something in betwe.

Jay's Costume design by joshuad17

Jay’s costumes. I finally got all the ninja done, but I still have more to do. After a small hiatus, I’ll do the rest of the characters.

Zane Costume design by joshuad17

Zane Costume design by ---Zane is my sweet cinnamon roll and no one can tell me otherwise ♥

Kai's Costume designs by joshuad17 on DeviantArt

I tried a new art style where I don't shade anything, but instead keep everything a uniform color. I also tried to keep to a color scheme: red, gold, and gray.

Lloyd's Costume

I finally got Lloyd done. After this I'll draw Jay. I drew Lloyd's True Potential state, unlike the others, since Lloyd doesn't have a ninja or dragon suit.