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Kerry Skarbakka: this guy has taken a series of pictures of himself at "the point of no return", unbelievable photos.  As you can guess he survived since he has more than one photo in the group.  Check it out.  I am not sure if I would go to such lengths for a photo.  What would you do for a great photo?  Comment below.

“Struggle to Right Oneself” Falling Selfportrait Photography by Kerry Skarbakka

Yes it does...

I truly believe this, it is the only time in my life I've had to sacrifice myself to see someone more important than me be happy. I don't know what the future holds, but I know I will be okay in the end. As long as I know she's happy.

22141297_1878390205505274_6945422854153168222_n.jpg (236×236)

22141297_1878390205505274_6945422854153168222_n.jpg (236×236)

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Bird Kingdom by Kelsey Eng - Swan Queen, Sparrow Girl, and Crow Knight

Swan Queen, Sparrow Girl, and Crow Knight female mythical warrior wing references

tumblr_nqp0wrJa0H1tw35sqo1_1280.jpg (640×640)

tumblr_nqp0wrJa0H1tw35sqo1_1280.jpg (640×640)