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Photographer Mandy Barker created this work of art out of salvaged items from beaches from around the world. <a href="https://uk.pinterest.com/pin/477874210431134080/"><i>[Photo: Pinterest]</i></a><br />

Upcycling Goals: These Incredible Works Of Art Are Made Entirely From Rubbish

Mandy Barker 'soup: refused' ingredients: plastic oceanic debris affected by the chewing and attempted ingestion by animals, including a toothpaste tube additives: teeth from animals

Here is the work of recent graduate student from the UK, Mandy Barker. Entitled SOUP and named after the term given to plastic debris in the sea, this series of images aim to engage with, and stimulate an emotional response in the viewer by combining a contradiction between initial aesthetic attraction and social awareness. Written by Cyril Foiret

SOUP Series - Mandy Barker - photography of plastic debris found floating in the sea

fish sculptures on botafogo beach Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It's made using abandoned plastic bottles. This incredible creation features humongous fish structures that are lit at night and illuminate the coast.

Bottle Sea Creature Art

Eco Art in Rio de Janeiro Brazil. A fish sculpture constructed from discarded plastic bottles rises out of the sand at Botafogo beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on June The city is host to the UN Conference on Sustainable Development, or

i like this lighting as it shows the speed of life in slow shutter and at the same time is very beautiful and natural

Light Drawings de Pablo Picasso

sarah eisenlohr

Spring Skiing Art Print // Seasons by Sarah Eisenlohr: "These collages are the byproducts of the mundane, predictability of our days and the more substantial moments that leave an impression on our minds.

Doris Salcedo Topography of War 1600 chairs on an empty space between two buildings in Istanbul.

Doris Salcedo, Installation at International Istanbul Biennial, Salcedo's idea was to create a "topography of war"--not tied to a specific historical event, but to war in general. wooden chairs piled high between two buildings in central Istanbul.

Photo : Gregg Segal - 7 Days of Garbage

7 Days of Garbage, le projet choc de Gregg Segal

Found in Nature by Barry Rosenthal

"Found in Nature" Barry Rosenthal, photographer. A collection of litter transformed into minimalist works of art.

Same but the look of a torn billboard

Art and photography such as this can have a big impact on society. Photographs like these allow people to realize the kind of destruction of our environment is happening. This picture is also an example of a clear cut deforestation technique where all tre

Bottle Cap Mural - potential themes: What makes Takoma closer to Heaven? How Do colors react? how do we react to each other in the world?

Bottle Cap Mural - potential themes: What makes Takoma closer to Heaven? How Do colors react? how do we react to each other in the world?

Some experiments we made with @lachataigne  on a flatbed scanner, try this at home!

Some experiments with a flatbed scanner with Potet Potet Chataigner Glitch experimental photography poster

IMG 3209

Fire in a box. Tanapol Kaewpring, an interesting concept! Makes me think of how we as humans tend to put god or spiritual things in a box instead of letting him set us free.

Gregg Segal: 7 Days of Garbage: 7-days-of-garbage-environmental-photography-gregg-segal-11.jpg

Gregg Segal: 7 Days of Garbage

Ever thought about how much waste you produce and what its contents might say about you? Californian photographer Gregg Segal’s ongoing project Days of Garbage’ gets households to come to terms with a week’s worth of their own waste.