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I don't know if I should say this but this artist called Myetie is one of the best artist in the world (in my opinion). When I saw her artwork I was so happy. She is really talented. Thanks to her now I actually want to learn how to draw and meet her one

why must you break me into little pieces and throw me in the blender

Seven being in an endless heart aching torture from the day he was created.

Tbh, I would have eaten them before both of them had even thought about it.

Tbh, I would have eaten them before both of them had even thought about it.<<< same random potato (no offense)

I actually pressed this option because I really felt that way and then I was like "Wtf douche, you're in totally different route, calm yourself down."

Give me my burritos, Seven!😬 mystic messenger and luciel choi 이미지

hahaha. as Yoosung talked about this in the chatroom,this cartoon across my mind. Soooo funny!! haha - Save this kid

Save this kid This is exactly what I thought happened when this dialogue came XD

Having a son eventually means the father becomes territorial over the mother. Why? The son is another male and it's competition for the mother's affection.

) He called me when I was at work and I immediately ran to go pick up my son. Little did I know, that when I bent over to pick up my kid, he was checking out my ass and thinking, "I want mommy too ." ((No fandoms))

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