Final Fantasy VI - Terra Branford in Narshe (FFVI) by ひつじ  Since this...

Terra Branford in Narshe (FFVI) by ひつじ Since this will be the last post of Happy New Year, everyone!

Future Unseen by on @deviantART

Don't ask - I had a sugar rush. Aerith: Sticklove/Mellin Zack: Rexil/SonYume Cabin: AnnaShepard Made in XNALara,.

Clearly there is no such thing as a "final" Final Fantasy. <---> and for this I was grateful until it left the systems I had and I could no longer play them :P

I am waiting to say "Finally final final-fantasy"

Terra, Final Fantasy VI, Yoshitaka Amano #illustration #game

The Beautiful Final Fantasy Art of Yoshitaka Amano

Say the name "Yoshitaka Amano" to a longtime Final Fantasy fan and they may well go all weird behind the eyes, before telling you how much better the games were when he was designing things.