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FridgePad. Magnetic iPad frame.

Fridgepad for iPad - refer to an online recipe or playing music from my iTunes while cooking, easy view and access, also turns into a small flat screen TV

Apple iBangle (a thin aluminum bangle) It is a new CONCEPT has designed for an Apple mp3 player, designed by Gopinath Prasana. It is an unique concept with few similarities with iPod Shuffle like no screen. Its features has music control buttons, a hold switch, a multi-control track pad and an air chamber which will inflate to fit your wrist and wireless earphone.Not available yet, but soon!

iBangle -iPod running bracelet with wireless headphones. This would be cool if it existed

If you love baking but don't have the steadiest of hands when it comes to decorating, then you will love this Frosting Decorating Pen by Kuhn.

Art so awesome. no more cramping frosting bag hands. For the cookie lovers products-i-love

Interesante artilugio de OXO para pelar piñas. Se puede comprar en Amazon y tiene un precio de entre 10 y 25€ en función del modelo #pelador #artilugio #util

Bought the pineapple corer and it works great! 50 useful Kitchen gadgets you didn't know existed, Spiral Pineapple Corer! Hate cutting pineapple this would be amazing

Salsine comode

Plate Dip Clips attach to plates and hold dip. So it won't bleed all over your food before you're ready for it, or nuzzle up to items it isn't meant to touch, or run amok on the flat plate surface and become more of a scrape than a dip. When I go to pa

i need this!!!!!! Morning Mug is absolutely cute and a great gift idea!!! [ AutonomousAvionics.com ] #funny #meme #technology

Morning Mug

Morning Mug // perfect for sleepy Monday mornings - and so cute! this is awesome!

Silicone sandwich bag - snack pouches // reusable, BPA-free, environment-friendly money-saving idea! #product_design

Reusable Silicone Sandwich Bag // great alternative to expensive ziploc bags, also a snack pouch! Forever I've been saying there should be reusable baggies!

Jumbo The Cutlery Drainer   Grey from notonthehighstreet.com

Jumbo The Cutlery Drainer Grey

The cutest way to dry your cutlery! Jumbo, the sink-side elephant, will clean your cutlery for you. Place Jumbo so his trunk hangs over the edge and the water drips into the sink. Jumbo measures 16 x 10 x and is made of plastic. BUY NOW

Top 25 The Coolest Kitchen Gadgets That You Will Be Astonished From

Top 25 The Coolest Kitchen Gadgets That You Will Be Astonished From

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Fill cupcake tins with the perfect amount of batter each and every time. This looks like a magical cupcake wand!

Doorbell Lets You See Who's At The Door, Even If You're Not Home - OhGizmo! !

Too lazy to see who just rang your doorbell ? Now there is the iDoorCam. The Door bell of the future. It hooks up to your homes wifi networ

I would definitely use this!

The ultimate auto safety device . includes an automatic glass breaker, seat belt cutter, panic button/personal alarm, flashlight & emergency flasher. It also has a digital tire gauge & thermometer & it glows in the dark!

Tea bag dispenser // China and wood

Do as You're Bold Necklace in Seafoam

This would be really cute in a tea/coffee station in the kitchen. Wooden You Rather Tea Dispenser, ModCloth