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This is Lilly. She has the power to make anything beautiful. she is 15 and loves the outdoors and going to balls

Elsa looks glorious in that dress! :D 〖 Disney Frozen Elsa Cinderella 2015 dress 〗

Nice !!! Day!!!

Name Savanna. Age Savanna loves to sing, dance and to help others and also likes doing her hair say i adopt in comments if want


"This is Grayson and Quin they love eachother and if u split them apart they will always find eachother". This is Else and Jack Frost as modern characters, and this has to FUCKING HAPPEN.


Princess Belle and Prince Adam (in human form) from Disney's Beauty and the Beast

Príncipe Encantado by Jirka Vinse

Artista imagina como seriam os príncipes da Disney se fossem homens reais

What Disney Princes Would Look Like In Real Life: Prince Charming from Cinderella is transformed from a hand-drawn charmer…into the glass-slipper-bearing man of your dreams.

Evolution Of 7 Disney Princesses… So Gorgeous!<<<Mulan take that trash off and out on your badass kick butt dress

Last pinned "Princess evolution. ok so what i noticed is that there was one year where all the princesses turned gold. And the very last one is all sparkly" personally I think that it is princesses around the world like different versions of the story

Name: Mia Traits: Girly, loves shopping, likes to give her friends and siblings makeovers

Lucy is 17 and she loves acting. She is performing in her school play soon and she would love if she had a family to come and see her perform the lead role!the sad thing is she has no family so if you love her please adopt:adopted by KS

Disney Characters In Modern Clothing

Disney Characters In Modern Clothing

"If Disney characters wore modern clothing - Cute, but if Rapunzel had bangs, wouldn't they have turned brown?" Yes but this looks like it was still blonde & before her hair was cut & turned brown.