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Title No.1

Title No.1

Black jeans & docs

Closed rp with Cole and Alex) Sitting outside of school on the curb I waited for you to get out of class. I smile brightly when is see you and stand to hug you when you.

Gilbert Nightray, Apollo Justice, Percy Jackson, Teen Wolf, Kingsman, Olympus, Singing, Ph, Heroes



As smile as sharp as a knife. "Why do I?" he thought as he pulled the cigaret away from his mouth. He looked at the tiny thing in his hand that was slowly burning away. "Oh, my dear God. that's why."

I thought this was Teacher Gerard for a moment

Jon Snow, Writer, Asian, Boys, Greaser, Grunge, Universe, Jhon Snow, Baby Boys

police, fuck, and grunge image

police, grunge, and fuck image

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The Classy Issue


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