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Creative clothing style (punk)

Creative clothing style (punk)

I love the shirt and the pants! X)

I love the shirt and the pants! X)

Punk A Licious Costume

Punk A Licious Costume

Burlesque Costumes, Punk Rock, Boudoir, Fashion Beauty, Vanity

Erin Miklo <3. The Punk Rock Kat Von D

I tink hse kinda looks like Ashley Lopez !

The perfect punk outfit is not purchased.  It is assembled and then created like a hostile work of art. T-shirts with the sleeves cut off and decorated in a don't touch motif. The jacket,  and there must be a jacket is recycled jean, military, or an old trench coat. Heavy boots, and lots of sharp silver things.

Two males and one female punks walking away, mohawks

photographer- Karin Gfeller http://karingfeller.com/index.php?showimage=542&category=4

Lukah's body type would be considered 'heroin chic' - he's as in shape as a skinny kid can be. He's also an accessory addict, especially when they get tangled around his amalgamation of body piercings.

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cute Black and White b&w goth Mohawk goth guy punk love deathrock punk couple cute as hell Goth chick b&w photography goth hair punk boots punk clothes goth parents goth clothes punk mohawk punk chicks punk parents

The intersection of #anarchy and #punk - Photo credit: patchedPunk (http://www.deviantart.com/art/Punk-137359150)  [follow this link to find a bundle of videos and analyses related to the study of social movements and social change: http://www.thesociologicalcinema.com/1/category/social%20mvmtssocial%20changeresistanceb9cde5376b/1.html]

The deadliest combo ever 'Viva La Revolution'. Even better that's Capitol Records in the background he's flying the bird to. Photographer: unknown for now Skullybloodrider

Gothique punk

Sasheena Filthhawk by Randy Allen


Ageing punks with grey mohawks rule at Jean Paul Gaultier at PFW - Who says punk is for kids? A handsome elderly model sports grown out beard and sculpted Spartan mohawk hairstyle

Monki Bracelet, Heels, Cross Necklace, H&M Rings, Ring, Vintage Vest, Dress

Punk rock fashion clothing trends for girls


I wanna be your Joey Ramone

Help a punk get drunk::punks not dead::NoEllie0123

Help a punk get drunk::punks not ✝

#swag #hiphop #girl #rap

Tiger sweater and ripped jeans

Punk Style Holey Cotton Leggings in Black

Punk Style Holey Cotton Jeggings in Black

"Peace Punk" by cinki124 on Polyvore

"Peace Punk" by cinki124 on Polyvore