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You may never know what results come of your actions, but if you do nothing, there will be no results. #MahatmaGandhi

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The answer is simple: Because we're hypocrites.

Think about what you have been taught all your life.I'm guessing you're an 'animal lover'.but you're actually a speciesist.you have NO love for some species.or could you if you thought about deeply?

"I like animals, all animals.  I wouldn't hurt a cat, or dog, or chicken, or cow.  And I wouldn't ask someone else to hurt them for me. That's why I'm a Vegan."          ~ Peter Dinklage

PETER Dinklage Vegan quote - I'm not vegan, yet, I'm vegetarian and working on it.

Be vegan, not vegetarian, vegetarian is still alright but vegan is way better…

Be vegan. stop stealing from and exploiting animals for your personal pleasure, habit, or convenience.

All animals want to live. End speciesism, live a vegan cruelty free life.✌️<<<Now I've been trying my very best recently to become vegetarian, because animals don't deserve to die when there are so many things we could be eating instead. Eating animals, for me, is like eating people. It's just...wrong.

Animals Feel ~ Animals Love ~ Animals Experience ~ Animals Want To Live. "Our obligations to non-human animals are not a matter of charity or mercy; they are a matter of fundamental justice." - Gary L. Francione ● Go Vegan. Educate Others ● ADOPT/Foster


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" Supreme Overlord Keith smiled as he took another bite of the cooked human flesh.barbecue never tastes as good when it fights back.

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In the future we will no longer kill animals for our food. We will evolve beyond such cruelty reap the many benefits of that choice.

Please be their voice. Please don't finance heartbreaking violent animal cruelty. Know the truth. Please help me save the Animals

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People who believe at heart that it is wrong to harm animals for personal pleasure or profit are already professing vegan beliefs. Their next logical step is to align their core values with their everyday actions and lifestyle by going vegan.