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and the right strategy to achieve your life goals. Choose wisely how, on what or on whom to invest your efforts. Otherwise the time will be wasted.

Good job.     Get with a  married man on cruise ship.   Get with a kid half your age and don't know his name.   Barb is great role model for children.  But "one night stands are normal".   Not at 46 and a mother of 2.    Where you come film. Mars ain't no place to raise a kid

Never trust someone who takes hours to text you back, but when you're with them they always have their phone in their hand, texting. - I don't know if not trusting such a person is exactly how I feel, but it does make me wonder.

I defended you and protected you. I lost friends being loyal to you and defending your name. And they were right all along. You are an evil, twisted, horrid viper.

This describes my ex boyfriend perfectly. I thought he was different, but he turned out to be exactly what everyone said he'd be.

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