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I LOVE Jin and his dad jokes! Very punny!! ❤️

I LOVE Jin and his dad jokes! Very punny! ❤️-> whats funny is that he never said this pun he said another one

is this the real translation. Jin's dad jokes memes are just memes ;



RapMonster and Jungkook     English lessons with Mr. Mon

"Pardon" has greatly but horribly made an huge impact on me. To non-kpop fans they may think "pardon" is jist like any other word. Sadly NO to all us BTS stans, we get freaking triggered.

Damn Min Suga almost made Jin gay XD

Read 180 from the story BTS MEMES by (SabrinaKong) with 943 reads. Wow Jin XD and suga tho he's like akward.