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This is my good friend Colin Sullivan age He's an authority on old tools…

Router Jig: Milling Machine | Woodsmith Plans

plans for a building a lathe, capable of turning elicoidal columns, using a router as cutting tool - DIY Homer

Serious craftsman find the Richard Kell British-Made Deluxe Honing Guides indispensable

Kell British-Made Deluxe Honing Guides

Dowel Making Jig - The Woodworkers Institute                              …

Dowel Making Jig - The Woodworkers Institute - the important first step in making one's own wood threaded rod (vise screws, etc.

Router Table Lift Plans - Router Tips, Jigs and Fixtures | WoodArchivist.com

WoodArchivist is a Woodworking resource site which focuses on Woodworking Projects, Plans, Tips, Jigs, Tools

german_threader_IMG_0438 The sizes in our latest threading kit, 1 ¼" and 1 ½", make possible projects for which smaller threads are inadequate: bench vises, book presses, candle stands, really hefty clamps. The Big Threader works just like our standard version and comes with a solid maple and aluminum table, machined Delrin™ threading inserts and combination (regular/bottoming) taps. The Big Threader is available in one- or two-size kits with an optional Solid Carbide Bit. (You may already…

German Wood-threading Tools

After struggling with the inexpensive wood-threading tools from China and Taiwan, I have been looking for a better way to tap and thread hardwoods. I purchased the Big Threader by Beall Tool Co.


Ideas de herramientas caseras para bricolages economicos

Gemini Wood Carver Duplicator - The Carving Duplicator Machine for the Woodworker Professional

Indicador Especial para ubicar portabrocas exactamente en el centro.

Never drill off-center holes again.use our Center Finder to quickly and easily position your drill press chuck directly above the exact center of a round workpiece.