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Sol Lee mejor conocido como Venusmansion es un artista coreano que con ayuda del 3D crea coloridas imágenes bastante atractivas para el ojo que viven en la frontera de lo surreal, lo pop y lo kitsch. Les recomiendo que lo sigan a través de Instagram.Venusmansion

El surreal mundo de Venusmansion

giorgia zanellato designs experimental neon mirage collection. Neon has a soft and indefinite aura that creates a magical, ethereal atmosphere in almost every context. White metal & multiple colors of lights.

Mirage is series of lamps developed by Italian designer Giorgia Zanellato after her fascination with a specific kind of lighting: the neon. In the project the only source of light is provided by neon, offering a soft and colourful atmospher

artofoverwhelm: Mr. Printables changing skies gradient paper.

You will soon be able to enjoy the “colouricious” STUA. (image Sky gradient papers from Mrprintable)

Hamburguesas de brownie y tocadiscos de limón - Yorokobu

Paul Fuentes is a graphic designer, based in Mexico City, who enjoys staging everyday objects into surreal and colorful compositions creating pop mashups. A photo posted by Paul Fuentes

Nendo  Product Design #productdesign


Takaoka in Toyama Prefecture is renowned for its craftwork with a history over 400 years, and Takaoka-doki is one of the

ART DEPT coloured panels and cubes placed around the white studio. I love the idea of someone unpeeling a pink banana to reveal orange coloured fruit., the underside of the skin can be red.

Design & Trends Online Magazine

TREND - MEMPHIS Charlotte Love is a London-based interior stylist and set designer who recently made a color pop series with still-life photographer Joanna Henderson for Heart Magazine. The talented prop designer .

Charlotte love

Mise en scène photo par Natalie Dinham # experimenting with shape & colour # inspired by the Memphis group