So according to my 6 yr old son, I look like Vannelope from "Wreck it Ralph".

Its a sad day when I would rather dress my kid like a cartoon character over society standards.

30 Character designs from Disney Animation Movie Wreck It Ralph. Follow us

30 Character designs from Disney Animation Movie Wreck It Ralph

This is Vaneope.She is funny and a really good friend.She is 8 and her birthday is January 19th.Please comment if you want to adopt.

Name: Lola Age: 6 Powers: candy Life: Lola is a sweet and competitive girl with tons of energy. She wants to be able to run around and be accepted when she gets adopted.

Ralph, my man, my main man!

-- for "Don't You (Forget About Me) - 2001 Digital Remaster" by Simple Minds

Vanellope & Her Guitar by Levitas [©2012]

In some early concept pictures for Wreck It Ralph, Vanellope had a guitar made out of candy. Vanellope and her Guitar

THREE YEARS GUYS -snickering because this short was the best-

The Incredibles.well, it only took about 10 years or longer for the Finding Nemo sequel.maybe they'll eventually get around to The Incredibles. There's some pretty great fan art anyway.