Part 6 of James Dashner's short Twitter stories; "Minho waking up in the Box".

Shorts exclusively written by James Dashner for hte Maze Runner Books. Part 6 runner from the very start!

Newt coming up the box

Newt, Minho, Gally, and Alby actually all never came up in the Box. They were original Gladers.

I just love how they talk to eachother and that they are friends but they joke around with eachother! UG cant wait for this to come out!

Maybe breadcrumbs will be our always. I wonder if the Fault in our Stars fandom pinned this or not.

Oh it's okay, I'm fine with u tearing my heart in to a million pieces over and over

How many people have died for Thomas exactly? And how many did he save or could have saved?

the maze runner - minho gif

For those who couldn't read it - Torn lung tissue caused but extended periods of running and panic attacks

No his sister is Sonya or in real Lizzy

No his sister is Sonya or in real Lizzy