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Shire Horse | ... 1990 - Tinker Pony & Shire Horse Hof - Gypsy Cob and Shire Horse Yard

The majestic Shire - I love shire horses - you don't see them around any more but I remember going to the farm park when I was young and seeing them!

Bright white Arabian Grey horse. So clean!

Having once had a grey pony, I can safely say she was never as clean as this handsome chap! Oh Misty, all the soap in the world couldn't make you shine like this.

Belo Anglo Árabe <3

All People from the World are Welcome in Our Community lovely ✿ Horses 💙🌐👑🐎✿💕


Black with star (Andalusian Lusitano Lippizzaner spanish horse Piccador Vaquero Charro)

.Beautiful strong horse

Country harness carriage draft horse Gyspy Vanner belgian cob shire hafflinger fjord clydesdales pinto More

Inspirational photos : Photo

Inspirational photos : Photo


This is dabio, please note that he is not a devil, but he was named after his speed, he has racing blood and needs to exercise a LOT if you don't enter him in races please adopt

Wow! Looks like an Ardennes

by Peter Tendler (PferdePeter.Germany) ~ Picture of the Biggest workhorse I've ever seen!