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Resultado de imagen de DIBUJO PAREJA ninfas aMARILLA Y GRIS

Life With Parrots: The Unsung Heroes of the Parrot World - Cockatiels (Part Two)

Cockatiel © Copyrighted by linnfotografi.blogg.no

Gray Cockatiel - We have one named Chevy. He and Gemma, our conure, are BFF's (Bird Friends Forever)

Ha ha ha! :-D Cockatiel ~ Nymphensittich ~ Nymphicus hollandicus 2014 © Jesse Alveo

"The Opera Singer"Cockatiel ~ Nymphensittich ~ Nymphicus hollandicus 2014 © Jesse Alveo

I rescued three of these guys and they fill my home with chirping and antics and laughter!  Cockatiels

Pretty little Cockatiel. I love this bird and had a lovely, sweet one for many years named Ramona.

Baby tiel's first crest. https://www.facebook.com/Cockatielz https://twitter.com/Cockatiel5

Baby tiel - love the little pin feathers, it looks like an actual crown!


Beautiful and elegant Pied Cockatiel portrait! We used to have one of these guys!

All set for x-mas !!

"Tassi - my pearly lutino cockatiel" .looks like a combination of my two birds, Feathers and Tree Trunks :)

PHOTO OP: Extreme Cockatiel Via jackthecockatiel.

Jack This skateboarding cockatiel is cooler than we'll ever be. This reminds me of Jigger, my Momo's cockatiel.