Guggenheim Museum. Bilbao. Vizcaya. País Vasco. Spain

The construction of this museum marked a huge turning point for architecture in Spain. This was built over a pier at the Port of Bilbao and aloowed the city to enter attracted international attention.

Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles

Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles - Loved being here for the Inaugural Organ Concert. what an exciting building. I love when buildings become organically and harmonically interactive with space, time, light, and movement.

Frank Owen Gehry February is a Canadian-American Pritzker Prize-winning architect based in Los Angeles

Always enjoy seeing a Frank Gehry design; The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, is a museum of modern and contemporary art, designed by Canadian-American architect Frank Gehry.

Edificio Onyx / Diez + Muller  Arquitectos

Gallery of Onyx Building / Diez + Muller Arquitectos - 13

Image 26 of 26 from gallery of Onyx Building / Diez + Muller Arquitectos. Photograph by Diez + Muller Arquitectos