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Don't just love your friends but more importantly love your enemies. It's hard but it betters the world.

"When we are 'in love' the world looks shiny and everyone looks beautiful. When we are 'in Love' with God, we are in love everywhere we go. Here is another beautiful child of God.

But I Tell You Who Hear Me. Love Your Enemies, Do Good To Those Who Hate You, Bless Those Whi Curse You, Pray For Those Who Mistreat You. Luke 6:27-28

Love your enemies - Luke 6

I wish she had the"serenity,courage &wisdom"

Discover the meaning behind the prayer for serenity. Read all versions of the Serenity Prayer and its History. God grant me the serenity to accept the things I .

Forget the lord references - I'm thinking wit, lyrics, and lines from books. ahem @Mikinzie Stuart

mantle - favorite scriptures or lines from songs in large print over the fireplace?


"radiate love" with a sun--this would be cool as a tattoo

Hebrews 6:19. The blog isn't awful either.

Hebrews my favorite!

When you commit to love someone - you do it for life. In good or bad - seriously not just hypothetically. When you commit to love someone - you commit to forgive the things things they WILL do to hurt you. Not because they desire to hurt you, but because, like you, they are broken people, and they have sharp edges. Using "I don't love him anymore" isn't a valid excuse - love isn't a feeling. It's a choice, so it's time to grow up and learn what love really is... what it really looks like.

1 Cor 13 love is patient, love is kind bible verses of inspiration


8 Bible Verses To Help Your Anxiety

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With Love nothing is impossible!

Be in love with what you're doing. Be in love with where you are. Be in love with who you're with. Be in love with life. Be in love with yourself.

Spiritual Thought

Do not fear for i am with you. Elephant with umbrella.