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The only time Phil would flip someone off, if they say they hate gay rights.

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Wild Love in the animal kingdom, baby.... turns stereotypical gender roles upside-down

interesting mating rituals in animals, with cute humanoid cartoons to illustrate

Literally me rn (yes I just made that at 11 pm to show how excited I am). By @Pieslee<<<wait shit this is a thing?!?!

Literally me rn (yes I just made that at 11 pm to show how excited I am). ^-^<< its called "in a heartbeat" for those wondering

This week’s pride dragon is for bisexual pride!The pride dragons series is a work in progress: finished dragons can be found here, and the to-do list is here.This design is also available on TeePublic and Redbubble!

Art about transgender issues, misgenderi g: forced him and forced her as a slap to the face

Art about transgender issues, misgendering Felt for them like a slap in the face

The gay agenda :)

The gay agenda

The gay agenda. what i think dyf whenever i hear the phrase 'the gay agenda'. i can conform that this is, indeed true. The gay agenda what i think dyf whenever hear the phrase 'the agenda' can conform that this is indeed true

Being a transgender boy, I can totally relate to this ==

I remember showing this picture to my friend and saying to her that this is how I felt about myself. she was the first person I came out to so this picture feels so important to me.

And the cake was pink by humon.deviantart.com on @deviantART

This is me every birthday and Christmas, I always get given shit tonne of girly stuff and it makes me feel bad for not wanting it cause it can be pretty expensive