Angel or Devil - your turn! by Lighane

to Lady Emerald - she just joined Amethyst and will help her find more allies! I guess she is the more grown up type of girl and rather dreamy.

Colorful Manga Eyes by Lighane

Just a bit more eye practice to find some new inspiration I really need to do some close ups more frequently - it's such fun and also a bit of a challenge as I mostly do fullbody or half.

Human Animal Eyes by on @DeviantArt

Some more eye practice - this time it's all about human animal eyes. If you were an animal, what would you be?I would totally be one of the swimming Bahama pigs!

Mythical Creature No 4: Namida - the Phoenix! She has never really been into all the fiery stuff, but all into healing with the power of her tears One more, I guess xD

They found another Gem Girl! Lady Sapphire who spent a long time alone decided to come with them! Now they need to find the last one and then they can finally become Gem Knights! Btw: Preorders for.

Aquarium Cat by Lighane on DeviantArt, aka it probably wasn't meant to be, but all I could see is Elizabeth