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Same, Jimin>.<   Why does it feel like that was the ultimate insult!!!???

I love Jimin so much,///// "first you say I got no jams now I'm just flip flops? *gasps*" //// 😂😂 Army's are just as hilarious as bangtan omg you my home skillets

BTS as wresters. Oh Rap Monster! :3

RM as a wrestler *hiphop is dead* JK as wrestler *sadistic mode on* and then there's Suga.so SWAG XD

Image via We Heart It https://weheartit.com/entry/151980768 #funny #joke #kpop #LUke #v #asianboys #bts #lukehemmings #5sos #bangtanboys

My bias(es) isn't afraid to look ugly, it will still make me squeal like a retarded seal >.>(i love luke too though ) << Luke is from. No that's a different Luke?