This is the process of putting the mech together. It is a resin cast scale model mech that stands over 10 inches tall and spreads 15 inch.


Listening great mixtape, Meggy Z + Irvan Mansyur for 2 hours and tis is the result for robot post for today. I named tis bigbot as KONDOR, ground-mid air unit. Equipped with multi-mission tilt rotors and rocket pods : 10 x 2 AAWV missiles.

bassman5911:  LgT-64mc by Crashmgn LgT-64 ( NATO reporting name:...

coolsal-magnacarta: “ by Crashmgn ( NATO reporting name: swashbuckler) Type: Main battle mech Place of origin: Russia In service: 2031 – present Designer:.

3d robot mech droid model

I cant tell if it is huge, or the size of a toy transformer.

Military Mech, Dan Shareza on ArtStation at http://www.artstation.com/artwork/military-mech

Tool, enemy of the Galaxy, first encountered during the last purge of the AOU, then fought the Elite later on during the last intergalactic war, then against the Elite during the Balisian Exploration period.


ArtStation - Zerog 2, Jan Buragay

qsy-draws-a-lot: “ freshfoam: “Artwork by Jan Buragay ” as you can see, you don’t have to draw super crisp hard lines to draw guns that make sense.

Prog Wang is an artist based in California who has done stuff with companies like id Software and design studio Gadget Bot.

When Your Spaceship Can Build Other Spaceships

If you have a ton of old truck parts, don't just throw them in the yard and call it redneck decor, build something special. Something like this awesome mech. This one was built from an old broken down Nissan truck and a ton of other metal scraps.