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Awesome, so cute!

You're crazy if you think ya can beat me with them stubby lil legs! Lil Mac and his Pa (Johnny Appleseed) having a friendly(or not so friendly) race back home from the orchard fields I simplified J.

Cheer up!!! by uotapo.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Cheer up!!! by uotapo.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

PART ONE: PART THREE: I keep in constant touch with a lot of old high school buddies who, by what seems to be society's standards, have "made it."  Through an ongoing process of hard work, per...

Growing pains: Family Reunion: The Smarty Pants Finale by BerryPAWNCH on DeviantArt

raidraws: I don’t think I’ve posted these before. stickers for upcoming Bronycon / BronyCAN 2015.

raidraws: “I don’t think I’ve posted these before. stickers for upcoming Bronycon / BronyCAN ”

my little pony

omg, I asked my friend which one is which horse and she's like talking a mile a minute, and im like. this is my friend- a crazy MLP and Dr Who fan.

Rarity is Best Pony by Iopichio on deviantART

Good things are better when they're a Rarity - My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

I hope this happens in "Equestria Girls friendship games". I hate Flash Sentry but I would want him to be with human twilight and not pony twilight. I mean seriously, a human and a pony in a romantic relationship? That's disgusting! Not to mention if he does go with human twilight, maybe Flash can develope some character, which he definitely lacks. Let's hope this happens.

Human Twily reminds flash of the Equestria Twilight? I hope something like this happens in the friendship games movie- which is coming out in less than 3 weeks! SO EXCITED!