Teen Wolf. Yes Joanna, I do like (love) this show. And yes... It's okay, you can laugh at me. Even though you probably already are. Just giving you permission anyway ;)

If I meet them one day I would embarrass myself because I would call them by their character names. I would be like, "I LOVE YOU STILES!" Then like turn as red as a tomato.

Winter Is Here

mysnarkyself: “ Teen Wolf AU - Sterek AU “ Stiles and Cora know each other since before the fire and so it comes that Stiles drops some comics off at the loft for her. Derek doesn´t like idea of these.

#wattpad #fanfic Las cosas se complicaron un poco. Mi padre decidió que lo mejor para los dos era mudarnos, alejarnos de Beacon Hills lo más pronto posible.        Las criaturas sobrenaturales no dejaban de salir por doquier. Sin duda alguna, el poder del Nemetón era demasiado fuerte, con la capacidad de atraer a u...

Frágil ➶ Sterek - Capítulo 15: Mi Stiles

cm high/shy/socially awkward slovenian girl who cares too much what others think of her and with nothing better to do than reading fanfics, drawing fan arts, and watching TV series.

Multi-Fandom Imagines

Multi-Fandom Imagines - There was a very short list of people who you.