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Bankan style Bonsia 'coiled trunk' Crabapple tree- in training since 1935 'US National Arboretum'

modular indoor & outdoor green wall - Karoo Brilliant for herbs!

Interesting for plants, great for an art piece. modular indoor & outdoor green wall - Karoo Brilliant for herbs!


Need this tree! Cynthia Decker 'Haiku' gallery-wrapped canvas is a beautiful example of Digital Art based on a haiku that goes 'I paid the vendor/to open the cage of birds/they fly in chorus.' A serene addition to

Green Wall Design - Vertical Garden Designs - Living Wall Design - Ambius

Why not create billboards with planted vertical gardens? Convey a message with your vertical garden artwork?

Villa Cascais    A vertical garden designed by landscape architecture firm Proap at a villa in Lisbon, Portugal.

green wall- Villa Cascais in Lisbon, Portugal architecture by Frederico Valsassina Arquitectos, garden by Vertical Garden design

Ideas de diseños para jardines verticales

Utilize structural columns as the foundation for vertical gardens or as shown here, make a visual display with emphasis made on dramatic lighting.

cool wall

Grassi Pietre planter/fence structure, adding a little vertical green interest to the garden. Planters come in various sizes and can be installed in at various levels.

Oh god, look at it with the big fern leaves. Where am I going to fit one of these into my life!!! Actually, Outside my kitchen window (the dining room window at the moment) one day I hope...

Stabilized plant green wall - add some hidden water container on top for slow dripping and some collector at the bottom

vertical gardens - Google Search

A stunning vertical garden indoor install by Brenton Jurey at Reogro in Melbourne Australia.

inspiration moss wall living art

Moss is New Paint: How to Create Art with Moss

Moss is New Paint: How to Create Art with Moss Would be interesting to look into - also might take down the load factor